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Derya Uluc

CEO / Founder

Derya, the founder of Artleove, speaks Russian, Turkish and English fluently.

She loves visual arts and composes her own music pieces on the piano.

She has worked on Artleove since 2014, back when she was still a Politics student. She has studied in Germany, and interned as a diplomat in Berlin.

Feels excited when she discovers an emerging talent or an inspiring brand.

Gulce Ozkan

Editor in Chief

Gülce, completed her undergraduate at the university of Warwick, spending an exchange year abroad at UCLA. She spent her summers in high school volunteering in India.

Since completing an MSc at the University of Oxford, she has worked in journalism, teaching, consulting, and co-founded Artleove Creative.

Gülce loves creative writing and travel - and you can read her pieces on

Founders of ARTLEOVE

We strive to bring the international world closer through art. If you are an artist or represent an art space, we will help you reach a global community of art enthusiasts and increase both the visibility and accessibility of your talent. If you are a brand, we will match you with the best talent out there and amplify your voice! We have a powerful production team who is ready to spread creativity through your brand.

We have successfully collaborated with hundreds of talented artists, unique brands, hotels, art buyers, venues and galleries – and continue to do so. We are highly experienced in the sphere of content creation.

Contact us let's set a call and meet and discuss what we could do for you.

We will be glad to work with you!

For collaboration inquiries, any questions or suggestions you may contact us via following e-mail address.