Media Kits

Since 2014, as an Arts & Entertainment platform started in Istanbul, we have grown exponentially and have become a massive, ever-growing community with half a million followers globally.

Grow your artistic presence online with us, through our selection of media kits. Build your reputation with us through flexible, custom-made features, tailored to your brand. Contact us for more information. Services we offer include lengthy interviews, short-form content creation, visual design, sponsored posts which reach audiences of up to 48 million a month, and features in our weekly newsletter. 

We have a wide network in the industry and have successfully collaborated with hundreds of talented artists, independent brands, hotels, art buyers, venues and galleries – and continue to do so.

Grow your visibility in the art-world, and boost your exposure organically with us.

N.b. We offer interviews for both artists and brands.

Check out our media kits for artists here.

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