6 LGBTIAQ+ Movies You Need to See Before Pride Month

LGBTIAQ+ representation in cinema has been a very important topic for the community for a long time. Usually films weren’t made to be LGBT-centric, but some included a few individuals that either died, or represented in the worst ways possible. Though, there are some films that made the core of LGBTIAQ+ cinema. If you’d like to get more information about LGBTIAQ+ films, here’s our starter guide with 6 amazing films that are centered around LGBTIAQ+ people, life, culture, and struggles.


Following the three life stages of the protagonist, the movie portrays him discovering his identity and sexuality. With an addict mom, and school full of bullies, growing up in 1980’s Miami isn’t easy for Chiron.

Still from the movie, “Moonlight”.

Brokeback Mountain

The movie highlights many important points in the LGBTIAQ+ community in terms of the societal pressure and “being a man”. Ennis and Jack are two shepherds sent to work together on Brokeback Mountain in 1963, and this expectedly uneventful occasion turns into a love affair. Years go by and they both marry their girlfriends, have kids, but still remain lovers.

Still from the movie, “Brokeback Mountain”.


The Handmaiden

Under the Japanese occupation in 1930’s Korea, Sookee is hired as a handmaiden to Hideko, a Japanese heiress. Her actual duty isn’t to be her servant, but rather to defraud her and rob her fortune. The secret mission is almost perfect, except for their newly discovered feelings for each other.

Still from the movie, “The Handmaiden”.


A young aspiring photographer falls in love with an older woman in a loveless relationship. As the two get closer, the husband starts questioning the real meaning behind this friendship.

Still from the movie, “Carol”.


Kill Your Darlings

The great poets of the beat generation are brought together by a murder in 1944.

Still from the movie “Kill Your Darlings”.

Portrait of A Lady on Fire

The young painter, Marianne, is commissioned to secretly paint the wedding portrait of Heloise. After long days of observing and getting to know her, both women start to develop feelings for each other and spend Heloise’s last free days together.

You can read more about the dynamics in Portrait of A Lady on Fire from here. 

Still from the movie, “Portrait of A Lady on Fire”.

Bonus TV Show: POSE

A beautiful show that covers topics such as 80’s ball culture, and the issues the gay and trans community face: AIDS and discrimination.

Still from the Netflix show, “POSE”.

After you’re done and ready for more films to see in LGBTIAQ+ cinema, click here.

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