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9 Questions about Federico Clapis

We’ve interviewed with one of our precious artists: Federico. Here are some exclusive answers only for you dear Artleovers!

Inspirations of Federico

1. What inspires you the most while creating?

I’m not inspired by anything existing. My inspiration is driven by my internal sensations and states of mind. Through my work, I create a communication channel between myself and the manifestation of my inner self, conscious and unconscious states, which need more or less intense moments to emerge.

2. What was the first exhibition you visited? Did it influence you to become an artist?

Probably the most iconic works.  It could be partly influenced by the Street Art and the most cryptic series, partly influenced by the 50s.But I think they are also unconscious influences, which I overlook during my creative process.

3. Do you have any turning points in your life regarding your art?

I can affirm that my art had found its expression in 2017 with the use of Instagram, I started to continually invite the user to share their feelings and reflections in the comments. In this way, it becomes an extension of the work itself.

4. Which city do you live in? Do you get inspiration from your city?

I live in Milan, Italy, but I can’t say that Milan inspires me. 

5. Which paintings do you have in your house?

I have only my works in my house because they represent myself and my emotions, so I live rounded by what I am. 

Touch Scream by Federico Clapis 2018, resin, 35x80x36 cm

New Projects

6. Can you give us a little information about your Project “Deep Scrolling”? What was your inspiration? How were the responses during quarantine?

“Deep Scrolling” is an artistic, social movement that positively changes our relationship with social networks by transforming them into an inspiring and therapeutic habit—a new digital lifestyle: Unfollow people who post useless stuff and start following people who post art.

During the first part of the quarantine, people have used social media to be informed and to connect. Still, after a few weeks, people have understood that a real connection or connection to something has full of meanings could be more satisfactory. 

7. You also use your artworks’ Instagram filters. Do you think those filters represent the future of art? 

During the lockdown, I have noticed that virtual exhibitions have been created. It perhaps makes me think that I was already on the right path about the digital aspect. This consciousness encourages me to create a space that people can experience through virtual reality for the future. I am thinking of a new world, and Instagram filters are also a little part of the project.

Without us, 2020, 50x40x40 cm, mixed media

A Little History

8. While you are transitioning your vision from social media and entertainment to become a contemporary artist, what were the difficulties you had?

My experience with entertainment has had a significant impact on my life as an artist. It was more than a university for me. I have learned to communicate, use digital platforms, and have a vision of self-management, economics, and logistics. I am very grateful for my past experiences. Thanks to it, I own essential tools for today.

Sharing is an integral part of my work, and since 2015 it has increased progressively. So, not difficulties but only critical knowledge. In 2015 I had communicated with my fanbase to convert it, I have lost some people because of it, but I also have taken others.

Using social media to create a fanbase through entertainment content and then move it to the art world was my project from the beginning. 

Last Thoughts from Federico

9. What advice would you give to emerging artists?

My advice is to be less abstract in real life, so it means to practice other jobs to learn self-management, business, and communications management. We are going towards a future where artists will be more independent. 

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