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Alessandra Nunziante: My brain is my obsessive drug

Alessandra Nunziante on Italian Art, work ethic and what inspires her.

Alessandra Nunziante was born in Turin on May 16, 1991. In her adolescence, began to attend the A. Vivaldi Conservatory of Alessandria studying bassoon and subsequently the Primo Liceo Artistico in Turin. During these years, her artistic sensitivity increased more and more, so much so that she undertook various cultural projects, and in June 2015 she exhibited her works in Paratissima Skopje in Macedonia. In 2016 she published the novel “A day on the contrary” presenting it in various structures such as the The Turin Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Alessandra Nunziante today speaks to Artleove about what inspires her and how she perceives her art.

Quick Fire Questions with Alessandra Nunziante

What is the last song you listened to on repeat, and the last film you watched?

‘Videoclub’’s Amor Plastique. ‘I drown in the wave of your loving gaze… I want nothing but your soul.’ But I don’t have a favorite song. The last thing I watched was ‘Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’. Evan Peters is very good.

Tell us about how your art journey started; and where do you see your work evolving to? 

I started as a child, thanks to my artist grandparents. For a while I got lost, because I didn’t believe enough in my potential. By chance, my grandparents saw my work and I started from there. Where do I want to go? To prove to myself my potential,  and to display my work all over the world.

Oil on cotton canvas, 2017 by Alessandra Nunziante the dream

Was there a figure in your personal life who introduced you to art?

Yes. Grandparents, family and my teachers.

How do you describe your style/work, and what do you wish to communicate through your art?

I want to communicate, while not communicating. I want everyone to perceive through my work what they see through their own individual experience.

How did the pandemic shape your artwork?

The pandemic has given even more stimuli in my work; it has made me experiment and evolve within the creative world.

My brain is my obsessive drug.

Alessandra Nunziante

How do you find inspiration?

In what I see every day. My brain is my obsessive drug.

What is the greatest piece of advice you ever received?

The advice I give myself every day: to go on like a train and never stop.

We understand that you are from Italy; what inspires you about your Italian background and how do you express this in your artwork? 

Well Italy is the homeland of art and is so multifaceted which makes it difficult to describe. In my opinion, the Italian Renaissance was the turning point of art. Raphael, Giotto, Modigliani, De Chirico, Boccioni, Balla … all different movements but from each one, we can only get inspired by them.

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