Çiğdem Uçarer: On Food, Travel and Un Poco

In need of a chic, artsy gift for your loved ones? Perhaps you have an interest in wearable art or home decor?
Let us introduce you to Istanbul-based Çiğdem Uçarer, the creative mind behind Un Poco’s silk designs.The world’s special regions, iconic locations, and diverse cultures serve as the source of inspiration towards her creative silk designs – among them, Italy’s Amalfi coast and the famed wine-growing region of Bordeaux, France – leading Uçarer to create each design with its own masterful touch. The unique essence of her silk fabrics combined with the wanderlust-themed designs will take you all around the world, right to the very places that gave her inspiration for her designs, and each one has its own story to tell. Un Poco designs are 100% handmade, and each one is inspired by Uçarer’s interest in travel and different cultures across the globe.For those who want to decorate their walls with Un Poco’s beautiful designs, Uçarer has released a special Un Poco Art Collection: the silk scarves are framed using a 100% Ayous tree frame, ready to hang up in one’s home.Here are our three highlights from Uçarer’s Un Poco products that we would like you to see, all are available only in limited amounts on

Venice Republic’s victory over its enemy: the Patriarch of Aquileia. The people of Venice gathered in Saint Mark’s Square (San Marco) to dance and celebrate their victory. Ever since then, the victory was celebrated in the streets of Venice. As time went on, the carnival was celebrated for its own sake and most revelers probably had no idea how it began. It was simply an excuse to have a lot of fun!”

This design is available to purchase only in limited amounts on

Bordeaux, cheers to wine and art lovers! Bordeaux Silk Print was inspired by the delicious wines of Bordeaux region. For those who wonder about a little history of famous Bordeaux Wines, It wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that Bordeaux red wines became more well known from the region.

The region dates back to the ancient Romans who were the first people to cultivate, plant vineyards and produce Bordeaux wine. The wine had prestigious clientele including Thomas Jefferson during an era when sweet white wines were more popular than dry red wines. The dramatic moment of this transformation was an official decree that classified the top producers of the day. This classification, now deemed “1855 Classification”, identified the best wineries in the region and ranked them 1 through 5.

Square Koala Red & Twill Silk Scarf Australian Koala. These Un Poco Scarf designs are a homage to one of Australia´s most infamous animals. The Koala is a marsupial which despite being an Australian National Symbol, lives high up on eucalyptus trees only in Eastern and South Eastern regions of the country. To help support their tree-clinging activities, they have strong cartilage at the end of their curved spine which helps them to wedge comfortably between the forks of the trees.

Quick-fire questions for those who want to get to know the lovely Çiğdem.

  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Of course it has to be pasta!!! I feel love when I’m cooking pasta in different ways.

  • What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

Don’t Look Back!

  • Where is your happy place?

I feel at home with my dog Poco and my cat Happy, wherever I go.
                                                                                        Çiğdem’s lovely Poco
  • Why do you like being a designer? And where do you draw your biggest inspiration from?
I do not get inspiration from designers, I’m inspired by nature and animals.
  • If you weren’t a businesswoman, what would your dream job be?
If I were not a businesswoman, I would be a cook – or a shepherd.
  • And finally, what do you like to do when you’re not working?
I enjoy reading up on things I’m researching at a particular moment. I like cooking and eating my world cuisine favorites.