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Meet Denisa Rahma and Her Otherworldly Style

Denisa Rahma

Denisa Rahma (@dnaeis) is an emerging artist working a full-time job as a graphic designer and a freelance photographer/visual artist. She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1997 and moved to Vancouver in late 2018. She has resided there ever since.

Her art has an otherworldly style that combines photography and digital art. Her style is enriched with her past album covers and the help of experimenting with different mediums. Denisa says she also loves the process of post-production. “It’s hard to be satisfied with my work as I tend to be self-critical. Therefore I wouldn’t say that I have found my “style” yet. It’s ever-evolving progress.” she adds.

Denisa’s inspirations changes depending on the day; however, artists such as Serge Lutens, Odd Nerdrum, Matt Klarwein, Chris Cunningham, and H. R. Giger remain on top of her list. Also, growing up in Indonesia has made her susceptible to the mystical and spiritual concept, according to her.

Mediums and Technique

When we asked her about the tools and mediums and her technique, she answers: “Just my Canon T2i, Photoshop, and Procreate mainly. Most of the time, it’s an entirely disorganized procedure of jumping back and forth from Photoshop and Procreate. As for coming up with concepts, the ideas always come during post-production instead of pre-photoshoot. There’s no specific technique used aside from adding 30+ adjustment layers in photoshop. My laptop goes crazy each time.”

In some of Denisa’s works, the subjects of her artworks are extraterrestrial beings. For example, ‘Compos Mentis’ is a fictional world where she has all the creative freedom. Denisa loves to combine technology with nature in her photography and the contrast within. Much of the concepts and stories are popping up during the editing process.

Denisa’s photography shows us different types of female representations by using modified bodies. These are the works of our subconscious thoughts as she remarks and her experiences of being a woman.

As a plan, she’s thinking of delving into motion and 3D, eventually having a solo exhibition one day.

Check out Denisa’s artist profile & gallery on Artleove.co for more! 

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