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11 Questions about Ellie Hopley

We’ve interviewed with one of our dear artists: Ellie Hopley. Here are some exclusive answers only for you dear Artleovers!

The Journey to the Heart 

1. What being an artist means to you personally, and was it a childhood dream of yours?

Being an artist is complete freedom. I can create anything I want, whatever I’m feeling at that moment. I never thought I would become an artist as music was my biggest passion, but as I grew older, I changed (as you do), and art took over music.

2. What inspires you the most while creating?

Feeling. My work is based on how I feel, how I’ve felt, how I think I would feel in certain situations, and how I feel what others feel.

3. Do you have your favorite bedside books, and what are they?

I don’t read! My attention span is limited.

4. Do you have any paintings of other artists, and which ones?

I have just moved house, and this is something I need/want to do! Start collecting unique art from other artists.

Ellie Hopley aka shuturp

5. What was the first exhibition you visited, and did it affect you to become an artist?

I can’t remember the first one, but I have been to quite a few different museums; however, influencing me is not easy. Becoming an artist was something inside of me that wasn’t inspired by anything or anyone. Only myself and my feelings. If that makes sense!

Personal Favorites of Ellie

6. What do you listen to while working?

I usually watch documentaries about drugs or listen to podcasts about murders. I’m not crazy, I swear.

7. Which movie do you watch over and over again?


Ellie Hopley aka shuturp

About Life and Art

8. Which city do you live in? Do you get inspiration from your city?

Gold Coast, QLD. It’s a super slow, chilled way of life here, and that’s what I love about it. I don’t work well under pressure, and I don’t cope well with stress, so living here definitely helps me stay calm.

9. How do you earn life? Are there other things you do besides your art to survive?

Art is my full-time job! I quit my retail job two years ago, and it was the best choice I have made. Although being an artist, my income is never the same. It’s enough for me to survive off, which I’m so grateful for.

10. How did you decide to turn your art into something wearable?

I never found anything weird or fun in the shops. Everything was boring, so I thought since people enjoyed my drawings, putting them on shirts would be a no brainer.

Some Advice

11. What would you advise other young artists struggling to share their artworks with the world?

Giving up is easy! If you want to get your art out there, you have to put yourself out there. You have to get outside of your comfort zone, take risks, post as often as possible, and engage with your audience. Good luck ?

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