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Emerging Talent Alert: Tat Siana

As Artleove we would like to introduce you Art-lovers to Poland-based emerging artist Tat Siana today.
Her primary sources of inspiration are sensuality, women, strength, passion and intuition – we can observe a reflection of these themes in her beautiful pieces, each more stunning than the next. If you’re a fan of Tat Siana’s artwork, luckily we have limited edition prints of her artwork on artleove shop. So go ahead and grab yourself a print, support emerging artists on our platform, and make an investment in them with every purchase you make! Click here to order your first limited edition art print.
If everyone is ready, let’s dive in our Artist talk and get to know our emerging talent.
Welcome, Tatsiana. Firstly, let me express our happiness in being able to get to know you.

Feel free to introduce yourself to our audience.

T: Hello there! Being a part of Artleove as an artist makes me really happy. I’m 28 years old, and I currently reside in Poland. I enjoy exploring new places, and have plans to relocate shortly. My passion is the arts: since I can remember, I’ve been interested in a variety of artistic endeavors, including dancing, sculpture, musical instruments, and of course, sketching.

What motivated you to the arts in the first place? How did you become an artist? Is there a story behind your art? Tell us.

T: I started to properly draw only 4 years ago. I just felt that I want to express myself, my thoughts, my feeling through colors and shapes. I love to observe people and nature deeply; I was a dancer before, so the body is also a language of expression for me. I believe that this is reflected in my art. So initally, the intense feelings I experienced, and my passion for dancing motivated me to create.

What do you think about art and printing your art, and what makes them unique?

T: At the moment I’m working on my oil paintings for exhibition in Poland. However digital art is still my favourite medium! I want to develop my style and of course, create more. I think my art is special because it is sincere. I truly believe in what I am doing, and listen to my heart and soul first and foremost. I don’t set out with a plan to please the audience, as this means death to the artist – and I’m sure that my audience feel it.

“Symbols are just our perception”

Tat Siana
In your piece Moon Sea, are your figures in love? Does the artwork symbolize the love of two women?

T: The work is open to interpretation. Love, sisterhood, friendship; symbols are just our perception. 

Red and orange are dominant colours in your art. Is there a particular reason?

T: Well, red is an emotionally intense colour that demands attention like no other colour of the spectrum. Still red and orange are dramatic colours; they are also colours of love, passion and sexuality. That’s what I want to express in my art, it’s what motivates me to create.

The use of the moon as an object attracted my attention when I first viewed your prints. What does this symbol mean to you, and your art?

T: The moon is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of times as it embodies the cycle. The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment and the dark side of nature herself. It is also the symbol of the soul; exploring soul and subconscious is the element that interests me the most.

Some people utilize their difficult times as a source of motivation in creating art. Some people use art to convey their joyful recollections. Some people use art to capture an experience they wish to never forget. Simply, what drives you?

Let me think…I am motivated by my memories and what I experience at the moment. It can be both happy and sad moments. I embrace my darkness and lightness equally. I believe everything that a person creates, reflects is in some way about themselves. I feel now that it’s really hard to analyse my own art. I guess I’m a person of feelings, not rationality!

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