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5 Instagram Profiles You Need To Follow If You’re An Art Enthusiast

If you like to follow art-related Instagram accounts, or just bored from dull posts in your timeline and want to read & discover new things about art and culture, this article is what you needed! We gathered a special list of some of our favorite art-related profiles for you, dear Art Leovers!


If you are bored with long explanatory texts for almost ancient paintings and classical art, this page is just for you! @artmemescentral is a busy account where you can find a new post whenever you clicked its profile. With funny captions added to some of the best-known classic paintings, it presents a funny perspective to the meme culture.


This profile showcases a wide-ranged collection for art lovers. If you have a hard time memorizing or remember the names of paintings and artists, here is the right address! You can find artist-specific posts in its highlights. With its unique collection, it is easier to find inspiring art from all over the world and from different periods.


If you are still not following The Pink Lemonade, what are you waiting for? This profile presents unique artworks from different art disciplines. From Ben Zank’s magical perspective of photography to different contemporary digital artists, you can find all sorts of artworks here.


Are you a cinephile? Then, there is no chance of not knowing the @criterioncollection! If you have never heard of it, don’t worry, you do now! Criterion Collection has dedicated itself to gather and publish the greatest films from around the world since 1984. You can find their entire collection here.


Nöl collective is a political and intersectional feminist fashion collective. All of their merchandise is made in Palestine. They see art as political, and thus, fashion as political. Nöl partners have close relationships with local women’s cooperatives, family-run sewing workshops, and artisans, keeping production hyper-local. To redefine your relationship with what you wear, we recommend following their Instagram account!

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Mary Magdalene in the Cave by Hugues Merle 1868 retrieved from

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