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Liudas Barkauskas’ Mysterious and Neon Themed Style

Liudas Barkauskas

Liudas Barkauskas (@lew_barkauskas) is a young and inspiring artist who catches the eye with his dark-themed neon graphic style. Since his graduation from Vilnius Academy of Arts (in Lithuania) in 2014, Liudas is doing freelance work while working in one of Lithuania’s most successful advertising agencies. We had a chance to chat with him about his promising artistic career.

Horror stories and mysteries are the most inspiring things for Liudas’ art. He says, “It’s not the brutality that mesmerizes me, it’s the atmosphere and not knowing what is happening. The feeling that some bad energies are flowing around. Another thing that I love to see is city life.” A YouTube channel where a guy walks around cities at night while filming in one of the recent discoveries that sometimes make him lost in there for hours, or just exploring the city virtually through the narrator’s eyes.


Graffiti is actually where Liudas started to draw, “Always in a sketchbook, never on walls though,” he states. He loves creating letters and combining them all. This is not surprising info about him because his first exhibition, as he remembers, was a showcase of some graffiti and street artists back in the city of Klaipėda, near Liudas’ hometown. He adds, “I was maybe 15 years old, and my dad took me there along with my sister.”

Liudas currently lives in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania which makes him feel safe and sound. This city also helps him to concentrate on his art because Liudas loves to observe the city and it inspires him. Vilnius not being the biggest city has a rich feeling of a cozy place for him.


When we asked him about the reasons to choose the world of illustrations, he says, “I was always about drawing. This is the easiest way to tell people, what’s bothering me, or what I’m thinking. If I had to choose any other form of expression, it may be writing. But nothing too long, I can write a few sentences. Tops!” Liudas also has a liking to follow other artists and their works, his favorites are Karolis Strautniekas and Malika Favre.

Check out Liudas’ artist profile and gallery on Artleove.co! 



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