New Era of Horror Films: Top Picks

The genre of horror evolves with time. No longer are we appreciative of jump-scares, or the same story told in different fonts. Although the old horror fans are right to praise the scary film classics, the new era of horror movies are promising, and unique. Today we made a list of horror films that came out in recent years, that carry the torch of the new era.




Ari Aster’s Midsommar is a thrilling movie that contrasts it’s dark story with colorful and bright scenes. The story is about Dani, a severely traumatized young woman in a relationship with an inconsiderate man, Christian. They arrive at Sweden, to attend a once-every-90-year festival happening in their friend’s rural commune. The festival turns out to be too close to the myths they heard about, and far away from what they could have imagined. With psychedelic and psychological influences, along with genius not-so-hidden details about the end, Midsommar is one of the best horror movies of this decade.




With the death of their grandmother, the Graham family slowly reveal the details of her life one by one. What she left for inheritance is the most…surprising.

A Quiet Place



A Quiet Place is about a family that lives in a world where making a noise will be the end of them. Communicating only through sign language, they try to survive from blind creatures that are extremely sensitive to any noise.

Get Out



Chris, a black man meets his Caucasian girlfriend’s family for the first time. During their weekend stay that he thought was meant to be relaxing and easy, he undercovers a deep secret about her and her family. This movie is a racial horror, and instead of using jump-scares to affect people, the story-telling and the events alone sends shivers.


The VVitch



The VVitch takes place in 17th century, and it’s all about organized religion and religious intimidation as a way to control people. Puritan family is banished for their sins, and they start to live away from their community, around the forest. Thomasin’s two little siblings tease the whole family about the devil in their backyard, and a witch in the forest. Soon enough, they all start to see their influence over their household.


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