Open Call For Writers!

The Artleove Magazine is calling for art critiques and writers! For our first thematic issue, we will focus on the topic of “Disobedience.”

There is a possibility to read art history through the theme of disobedience. Every new art movement disobeys the traditions and the rules that came before them.

We aim to open a new perspective while reading artworks and art movements. Focusing on the theme, you may choose every other compartment of your article depending on your personal interests. You might choose different materials, disciplines, or studies on different styles, artists, and artworks.

We are waiting for the articles around the topics mentioned below (but the only limit is you while choosing an authentic subject matter) until the 1st of April, latest. You can send your works to!

• Artwork reviews focusing on social justice movements

• Black Lives Matter Movement and its effects on the art world

• Reviews of different artworks focusing on the theme “Disobedience”

• Challenging the limits and traditions

• Queer artists and their artworks

• Gender identity politics and how it changed the world of cinema, literature, and art

• Film analysis or reviews related to the central theme

On the condition of staying focused on the central theme, you can expand those topics above.Please note that Artleove Magazine does not publish literary works!

Selected works will be published on the website with its writers’ names and socials, and those articles will be promoted on Artleove’s social media accounts.

Do not forget to send your works to! You can find our submission requirements here: click!  

Please note that the works that are not compatible with our submission requirements will not be reviewed! 

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