Tattoo Artists You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo

Tattoo art is a great way to express yourself from the outside and to turn your body into a piece of art. As we break taboos around having a tattoo, more and more people are getting tattoos. There are options such as commissioning a tattoo artist you like, many artists are also sharing their unique art and style through tattooing. Today, we gathered our favorite tattoo artists for you! If you are bored from the quarantine and looking for a change and a tattoo, you can look at these artist’s pages!

From poèmes invisibles by @bisous.romeo retrieved from:


This artist has a unique artistic style with pastel color palettes and exceptional line works, creating a body into a literal canvas. @bisous.romeo is a self-taught artist working in a private studio in Paris. The artist says, “I have an interdisciplinary approach to art, and I like to translate paintings, cutouts, drawings, and poetry onto the skin.” The artist only works on hand poke tattoos, and it adds another layer to this unusual style. For more check the artist’s official website, to understand the philosophy between this interdisciplinary approach behind the transition from poetry to tattoos: here.

by Léna Mačka


Do you remember Léna from the top five women illustrator list, which we posted a couple of weeks ago? Lena also does tattoos! Her studio is in Lyon. In 2017, Lena started tattooing and she is working from her studio these days. If you like her different style with genderless human figures, hurry up and make an appointment to get one of her sincere and insightful flashes!

Tattoo flashes by @00marmarmar00


Zeynep is an artist based in Istanbul. Besides painting, she also shares her colorful art in the form of tattoos. Her sketches are like an imaginative world of a child’s mind, and she reflects her art into the canvas masterfully. With her exceptional blending technique, her unique figures seem like they are alive! If you want a creative and colorful tattoo to decorate your body, Zeynep’s art is what you are looking for!

Handpoke tattoo by @olga_handpoke


If you are a fan of hand poke tattoos, we recommend you to look at Olga’s exceptional and elegant works. Olga is a Poland-based tattoo artist who steps forward with her minimalist style. Her tattoos give a feeling similar to reading a haiku poem with their lightness, and sense of content. If you are curious about seeing her works, don’t forget to check Olga’s Instagram & Facebook accounts.

Tattoo by @ilaydatlas


Ilayda is an exceptional emerging artist based in Istanbul whose works keep being famous worldwide. Her works revolve around the traditional Japanese style with an excessive focus on details from her perspective. Most of her works consist of dragon figures, snakes, and both Japanese and Ancient Greek figures. Anime style and characters are also one of the main inspirations to Ilayda’s tattoo art. Before the quarantine, she was touring around Europe, and we are sure she will continue to do so after the borders open. To see more of her exceptional works, don’t forget to follow her Instagram account!