Tbilisi: A New Rising Star

A street in Sololaki, by Aleksey Muhranof source:

Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, is the new rising star from the East. Some even say that it is the new Berlin! If you are looking forward to a trip after COVID-19 or finding new tastes as an art enthusiast, Tbilisi should be your next destination. 

It was founded in the 5th century AD. Since then, it served many Georgian kingdoms as a capital city. It has always been a center of attention because it is between Europe and Asia and near the Silk Road. Moreover, its architecture has several unique aspects. Nowadays, people are mentioning Tbilisi as a new center for art.


Wandering around the unfamiliar streets of a new city can give so many insights about that city and its lifestyle. Then, your first address to visit should be Sololaki, the old town of Tbilisi. There are so many things to see in Sololaki, including architecture, beautiful houses and yards. Not only to run from one museum to another but to walk through streets and understand this city better, you should reserve some time to walk around Sololaki.


But if you prefer searching for art, then you must see the Art Palace of Georgia. Paul Stern designed its building, and it is an example of gothic and Islamic architecture. Art Palace of Georgia consists of different fine arts depositories, including photos and negatives, sculptures, manuscripts, archive documents, memorial objects and works of art, library and rare editions, gramophone records, and posters. Collections of Georgian Fine Arts, Russian Fine Arts, and Western European Fine Arts are also open to visitors. You can get any information regarding Georgian culture and Tbilisi’s art history by visiting the Art Palace of Georgia. 

A street in Sololaki, by Aleksey Muhranof source:

A street in Sololaki, by Aleksey Muhranof source:

Naria Bukia, Natia Chkhartishvili, and Salome Salome Vakhania established Project Art Beat, a prominent figure in Tbilisi’s art scene, in 2017. Gallery ArtBeat represents mid-career and emerging artists. They feature contemporary Georgian artists both online and in their gallery. To have a modern taste of the Georgian art scene, Gallery ArtBeat is a must to visit! Also, you can see their Instagram account @projectartbeat 

Fotografia is another exciting venue when it comes to Tbilisi’s art scene. It is the first limited edition print photography gallery in Tbilisi. Georgia has a rich tradition of photography, and it is continuing even today. They aim to support local and also international photographers exclusively.

Fabrika by Ann Svanidze, from:

For your interests in graffiti and street art, you shouldn’t leave the city without visiting Fabrika and walking through Heroes Square Underpass. Fabrika was once a Soviet sewing factory, and it is now a meeting point for artists and their studios. And, Heroes Square Underpass serves as a beautiful installation of Tbilisi’s street art.


Street art from Heroes Square Underpass, source: Kathmandu & Beyond


Lastly, if you are looking for a place to give yourself a break during your day, Cafe Gallery is a good option to catch your breath. Cafe Gallery in Rustaveli avenue is a multi-functional place. It is a cafe by day and a club by night. It also has an exhibition gallery to have a chance to commune with art even when you are up for a coffee or a late-night drink. 


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