The largest painting to have ever been created on canvas: “The Journey of Humanity”

The contemporary British artist Sacha Jarfi created “The Journey of Humanity.” It is the largest painting ever made on canvas. Also, the same canvas will be sold to raise 30 million dollars for the children worldwide, mostly to the affected by the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak.

Arfi was staying in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, when coronavirus lockdown urged. Since March, he has been painting in the Ballroom at Dubai’s luxury Atlantis resort.

 “As humanity, we were heading for something worse than Covid-19, and we would become disconnected from ourselves, each other, our creator, whoever he/she is, and the soul of the earth ultimately. And I wanted to create something that would evoke and inspire change in how we live as humanity,” says Sacha Jarfi in an interview on Good Morning Britain broadcast.

The project team has also invited children across the world (2-18 years old) to share their creative artworks. Related themes are Connection and Isolation. They have pasted these pieces of art onto the Canvas.

The project’s slogan is “Let’s Paint The World A Different Colour.”

Sacha Jafri on The Journey of Humanity.

Sacha Jafri on The Journey of Humanity.

Jarfi will cut it to 70 pieces for the sales.

The canvas has required over six months of work with 1,200 gallons of paint and 1,000 brushes. It is 2,000 meters. After its completion, Jarfi will cut it to 70 pieces for the sales.

70 individually numbered, signed, cataloged, and framed pieces will be auctioned and sold during the Humanity Inspired Royal Charity Auction in February 2021, in collaboration with The Global Gift Foundation, UNICEF, UNESCO, and Dubai Cares.

The auction will welcome buyers from 140 countries across the world via the largest live-stream auction ever! Each successful bidder will own a piece of the largest painting ever created on canvas.

Arab United Emirates’s Mars Misson: Hope on the canvas

There is also a painting on the canvas showing Arab United Emirates’s Hope Probe between Earth and Mars in space.

The team called all children to share their paintings of ‘Hope’ in July after the United Arab Emirates received the first signal from the maiden Arab inter-planetary probe in space as part of Arab United Emirates’s Mars Misson: Hope. With this call, they aim to encourage the young generation in humility and exploration.



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