The painting has a life of its own: Circus of Life.

Circus of Life. Photo credit:

The crane is carrying the artwork from the top to the middle ground. Its artist watches the installation with great excitement while the carrying team carefully and slowly does their job. Its installation locates in both portals of the new United Internet AG/ 1&1-Building (Karlsruhe) surrounding the southern station forecourt. So, did the journey finish?

Painter from Germany, Meral Alma has published a video on social media showing her new work “Circus of Life,” a 2000 kilos massive canvas going a journey from her studio, Düsseldorf Karlsruhe.

“This is how paintings begin to have a life of their own. They leave the studio and go on a journey. Intermediate stops are already known, but nobody knows if how where or when the journey will end…” says Alma.

Circus of Life represents a scene rendered in the classical medium of painting combined with a light installation. Its materials are acrylic, oil, quartz, etc. on PVC canvas.

The whole journey of the installation filmed between September 27 – September 30, 2020.

You can watch it here.


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