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Top Five Women Illustrators of the Week

The world of illustrations opens up new doors into our imaginary world, even to our subconscious sometimes. Instagram allows illustrators to widen their platform and to share their art with people worldwide. Today, we gathered a list of our top five women illustrators of the week for you dear Artleovers!

Wall Painting, 2019 – Lyon, France by @lenamacka


Léna Mačka is a French illustrator and tattooer based in Lyon, France. She has a distinct style with the little naked human figures which centered almost every artwork of her. It enables us to easily identify with the subject of the illustrations. With its simplicity and magical lines, her works create a childlike realm of their own.

Léna also started tattooing in 2017 and opened her studio in October 2020. Mačka Studio is located at 26 rue Lanterne in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon.

Check out her website here

Eat the apple by

Ez Naive is a virtual profile created by the brilliant artist Elli Zogia. The fact that it is an artificial identity makes Ez Naive’s works special. Elli is a Greek artist which gets inspiration from her ancestral and traditional roots creating on the topics of motherhood, sexuality, intersectional feminism, and magical realism.

Ez Naive’s website:


Miki is an inspiring artist which is also both illustrator and a tattoo artist. She has a unique style that is inspired by the traditional Asian art forms and color palette. Being a professional tattoo artist reflects its influence on her psychedelic content. Miki also has a strong portfolio consisting of collaborative works with famous brands such as Gucci and Marine Serre.

Check out Miki’s exceptional works: here! 

Being is Strange, But Wonderful Too by @elesq


Ellina is a young artist and illustrator who showcase her insightful illustrations on her Instagram page. Her human figures mainly entangled with plants and animals creates a dreamlike vision. Birds, butterflies, and fishes are the most common animals one can encounter in Ellina’s illustrations. Her flower illustrations also reflect the inner psyche of the human figures most of the time.

To buy Ellina’s works check out her account: here


Cosmo is a French illustrator based in La Hevre. After working in the fashion industry as a model, she pursued her artistic career as an illustrator. On her website she says, “My work carrels a clear-line comic style with Neo-Classical, Pre-Raphaelite or yet Art Nouveau inspirations.” Accordingly, her female figures resemble especially Alfons Mucha’s, and Waterhouse’s.

Her website: click!

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