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Meanwhile in Venice

Unframed, Museum Canvas 350 gsm, special edition print. From "Intrusions" where elements of contemporary society appear and disturb paintings of a different time. Here we see the inflatable balloons by Jeff Koons situated in the sky of Venice, by the Italian Master Canaletto. Slasky is reconfirmed as a spearhead in the international art scene. His works are exhibited in the most prestigious galleries and fairs around the world. With his classic neo-urban style, he combines tradition and modernity, bringing the protagonists of the original works into contemporary social and artistic environments. "The Neo Urban Classic Collection is a selection of pieces in which I have merged classic works with contemporary digital techniques in order to transport the art, which I believe is incredibly important, in our present time, by placing the protagonists from the original works in environments social and artistic contemporary. I have created a series of pieces that send new messages and require a level of collaboration on the part of the viewer to be understood."