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Minimalistic Drawings for Powerful Messages

There are thousands of ways to give advice, comfort someone, or share a thought. Some provide advice through speaking, while others do it through drawing. Minimal drawings that appear on social media are particularly effective for this purpose. These simple drawings combine with a few words to create a powerful narrative. The primary purpose of this art form is to communicate and make you think about a topic. Although it may not always bring comfort, it can prompt you to contemplate a message. It is common to have a smile on your face when you come across one of these works as an audience.

Expressing an emotion with a short text and a minimal drawing may not be easy. We have examined five artists whom we believe excel at this:

Liz Karcewski (Liz Pop Art):

A successful animator, Liz, who is half Filipino, has always dreamed of doing this job since childhood. However, she was convinced that she couldn’t make money with art and needed to pursue another career. When she realized she couldn’t be creative and express herself in her other job, she decided to quit. Looking at Liz’s drawings, we see a true dreamer. She deals with heartwarming subjects that genuinely relax the viewer. Normalizing topics that many people worry about, she talks about feeling lost and stressed as common experiences. She presents all these subjects with colorful figures, encouraging her followers. Her choice of a vibrant color palette also appeals to our aesthetic senses. Karcewski expresses that she enjoys revealing her emotions and sharing them with people.

David Schmitt (Tuyo):

David Schmitt, also known as Tuyo, is a self-taught artist and graphic designer based in Barcelona. Striving to capture a timeless perspective, his works feature organic forms, archaic symbols, and a childlike approach. Influenced by diverse global cultures and their shared expressions in art, Schmitt aims to emphasize the reflection of community, compassion, and contemporary values.

Alessandra Olanow:

Originally from Canada, Alessandra Olanow resides and works in Brooklyn alongside her daughter, Coco, who takes center stage in many of her creations, particularly those portraying the intricacies of the mother-daughter relationship. Her drawings exhibit simplicity in strokes but carry profound meanings. While her messages might seem apparent, they often represent aspects we tend to overlook. Olanow’s work encourages us to listen to ourselves and others, find happiness within, stand up for our beliefs, and recognize the importance of taking a break when things become overwhelming.

Orfeo Tagiuri:

A versatile artist, Orfeo Tagiuri initially aspired to study medicine at the university but took a complete turn by enrolling in the creative writing and English literature program at Stanford University. Since 2019, Tagiuri has been involved in Wish Cards. In this project, postcards featuring unique visuals, either created by him or sourced from vintage markets, are embellished with a single candle wick, a matchstick, and a small red phosphorus stick. The concept involves lighting the candle wick and making a wish, reminiscent of Aladdin’s interaction with the genie and the lamp.

Constant Bagel Therapy:

The individual behind the Instagram profile, Constant Bagel Therapy, identifies themselves as a “playful creator,” as stated in their bio. While limited information is available about them, we become hooked once we come across their artworks.

Set against a white backdrop, a handful of black lines breathe life into humanoid characters, acting as a reflection of universal emotions. From the daily setbacks encountered on their artistic journey to minor failures and moments of shattered courage, the drawings depict motivational imagery that fosters a sense of understanding and unity.

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