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Enchanted World of Doll Art with Alexandra Allenova

Step into the captivating realm of doll art as we delve into the world of Alexandra Allenova, a talented artist whose creations breathe life into miniature forms. Through a journey of creativity and imagination, Alexandra shares insights into her artistic evolution, inspirations, and the enchanting stories behind each of her unique dolls.

1. Hey, Alexandra! Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background?

After professional training in painting and drawing, as well as an apprenticeship with professional artists in Moscow, I gained profound knowledge and experience that shaped my artistic journey. Education at the Moscow International Film School provided valuable insights into cinematography and theater, while studying design in Milan expanded my artistic toolkit. Working as a designer in New York allowed me to apply my skills in a practical setting. Currently, I am a professional artist, focusing on crafting unique art dolls. This path enables me to blend various aspects of my education and experience, infusing my work with individuality and artistic character.

2. Let’s start with how you began. What inspired you to become a doll artist? What sparked your artistic passion?

Dolls, sculpture, and miniature worlds are magical realms of creativity that, for me, are filled with enchantment, kindness, and beauty. In the process of crafting beauty, I discover the true essence of creativity, where the magical power unfolds, breathing life into unique forms and inspiring my heart.

Fallen Angel by Alexandra Allenova

3. You create BJD dolls that are also loved by collectors. Can you tell us about them?

Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJD) are cherished by collectors for several reasons. Firstly, they boast a high degree of articulation and flexibility due to their ball joints, allowing for a wide range of poses and expressions. Secondly, BJDs offer collectors the opportunity to customize the appearance of their dolls, from makeup and hairstyles to clothing and accessories. This level of individualization makes each doll unique. Additionally, the BJD collector community actively engages in sharing experiences, ideas, and creations, adding extra value to these dolls in the world of collecting.

4. Can you describe your artistic style and the unique elements that set your dolls apart?

Actually, I don’t consciously think about my style. I simply bring to life what emerges from within me, what is beautiful, and what inspires me personally. In my perception, a doll is a tiny world, a petite soul. Within them, I see tiny everyday stories brimming with life. They are not just dolls; they are beautiful, little fairytale ladies animated by a fragment of my inspired soul. Through my hands, they come alive, becoming an expressive manifestation of my inner world. Each time I witness my idea transforming into reality in the form of these little fairytale ladies, I experience indescribable joy. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to bring forth my dreams and create beauty in this enchanting world of doll art. I am very glad to have the ability to craft this unique realm filled with beauty and inspiration.

Sapphire Dreamer by Alexandra Allenova

5. Each doll you create has its own unique character. How do you achieve this?

Creating a distinctive character for each doll is a deeply personal and intuitive process for me. I draw inspiration from various sources, such as emotions, nature, and the world around me. It begins with a concept or a feeling I want the doll to convey. I carefully consider elements like facial expressions, body language, and even the choice of clothing and accessories.

Every doll becomes a canvas for storytelling. I often imagine their background, experiences, and the emotions they might carry. It’s a meticulous blend of artistic choices and an empathetic connection to the imaginary world each doll inhabits. I believe that infusing a unique personality into each creation adds depth and captivates those who encounter them.

6. Are there any particular objectives or benchmarks you’ve set for yourself as your artistic journey develops, either in terms of working with others or stretching the limits of your own creativity?

At the moment, my primary goal is simply to create dolls. It’s a lengthy and intricate process involving numerous manual stages. Currently, my main focus is on developing my art and crafting my dolls.

Bruja & Witch of Wavy Spells by Alexandra Allenova

7. Each of your works, such as Sapphire Dreamer and Fallen Angel, is different and aesthetic. Do you have a work with a special story? Which of your works do you think is more special?

Thank you:) Each of my dolls, whether it’s “Sapphire Dreamer” or “Fallen Angel,” has its own story. I approach each one with love and respect, as they reflect different aspects of my vision.

8. Are there artists who leave a significant impact on your work? How do you draw inspiration from these diverse sources?

I find inspiration from a myriad of artists, drawn to the diverse perspectives they bring. However, when it comes to creating dolls, my main wellsprings of inspiration lie in observing people and exploring the enchanting realms of fairy tales. The intricacies of human emotions and the magical allure of fantastical worlds fuel my creative process and shape the unique character of each doll I craft.

9.So Alexandra… What is next for you?

My next steps involve continuing to evolve my artistic journey, expanding the range of my creations, and crafting new dolls. I am dedicated to constant refinement and growth in my creative process.

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