The Lebanese artist created a statue from the remains of the Beirut port explosion

After the Beirut port explosion, she joined efforts to clean debris and restore the city to its former glory. That’s when she got the idea to use some of what she found to create a statue that could inspire her people to unite and rebuild.

Hayat Nazer standing in front of her statue in Beirut. Photo: Elie Bekhazi

The Lebanese artist and activist Hayat Nazer, 33, created a woman’s statue with long hair by collecting broken glass, twisted metal, and people’s discarded belongings to use in the sculpture.

“When I’m feeling that way, I just try to help and fix and heal through art, so this is my way of accepting reality and trying to build my people back up,” told CNN.

With her work, Nazer drew worldwide attention and revealed the destruction after the explosion through art.

The sculpture does not have a name yet. She posted on Instagram, asking for its name to the people. Many think that it has similarities with the Statue of Liberty National Monument in New York, USA.

According to Nazer’s last statement on Instagram, the sculpture will be leaving the port in few days, “As I am worried, some government protestors might burn or destroy her as they did to the #Phoenix; of the #Revolution in Martyr Square… I have to protect her for now, but I wish to create a much bigger replica that would be long-lasting and to be hopefully located at the port, carrying items from people’s homes and souvenirs from the people we lost at the explosion, with their names and memories, to stay, for future generations to come and see what happened to us on the 4th of August 2020… “says Nazer.

Source: CNN


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