Daily Art Challenges for Creativity and Confidence

We are happier when connected to our creative state of mind, but sometimes we might feel down and think of ourselves as non-creative. At such moments, you might think that certain people are inherently talented and have no limits to their creativity, while you feel like you are not gifted at all. The good news is, it is something you can cultivate and develop with just a little practice! If you seek out ways of boosting your imagination, we have some useful suggestions and might say we found a unique solution to this problem.

We have recently discovered a brand new art and creativity application called W1D1, and we must say it became one of our favorites so quickly! W1D1 is for everyone who wants to enhance their creative skills and needs to boost their self-confidence! The exercises provided by W1D1 will turn your life into an artsy adventure, help you acquire the mindset of an artist.

Photography by Alyona Kuzmina for W1D1

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We naturally relate creativity to artistic skills and tend to think of artists as innate geniuses. It might be partially true, of course. That’s why the rest of us seeking to expand our creativity can learn much from them. But to be honest, artists recognize that it is not an inborn quality most of the time. Most of them see it as something everyone can improve with regular practice. We confidently suggest that W1D1’s intelligently presented daily creativity tasks and motivational stories will contribute best to your self-development to achieve the goal. The daily challenges and tools of W1D1 help you to become more creative and confident in your artsy expressions!

Learn from the greatest artists, find best ideas for your art

Besides W1D1’s intelligence stimulating creative challenges, they also provide you with encouraging and motivating stories about artists, their works, and rituals. Often, these tasks are powerful intellectual simulations, and you will get excited to open up new facts and interesting stories. Getting familiar with the most significant artists and their methods will spur your creative muse.

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Photography by Alyona Kuzmina for W1D1

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Another exciting feature we would love to mention is that you will observe how other users are performing on the same tasks. As each individual performs differently, the opportunity to observe will expand your vision even more. 

Creativity as self-help 

All those great things aside, we would say that this app has a therapeutic function. While providing you with daily challenges, W1D1 will ask you questions that enable you to think and reflect on yourself. W1D1 will remind you to slow down and teach you to focus your attention, find balance in your daily life!

We recommend you to download the app and start to explore your conceptions, reasoning, and yourself. It is intelligently constructed and presents information that will build a new set of connections in your mind. We genuinely believe your W1D1 journey will help you become happier while teaching you to see the world around you as an artistic adventure!

Download the App here: W1D1

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