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Eight Oil Painters You Should Know About

Though the fast advancing technology brought new ways to make art, some people just can’t give up on the classics. This week, we gathered a list of our favorite oil painters so that you can dive into the beautiful pieces they create, with us.



Jenna Gribon is a New York based artist. Her works showcase the intimate moments she shares with her friends, her son, and her girlfriend. Usually her titles are explanatory of the work, as she calls them “paintings from inside the scopophilic feedback loop”. She had numerous solo and group exhibits. You can see more of her work from here. 


Jenna Gribon, “My girlfriend in a short skirt, a row of men between us”, 2020, oil on linen.


Erika Lee Sears is a self-taught oil painter, who quitted her corporate job to paint full time. She describes her work as “a peek into her memories of ordinary and extraordinary.” Her art was also exhibited in various galleries, and the TV show called “Portlandia”. To see more of her work and shop, click here.


Erika Lee Sears, “Beauty”.



Julie Bell is a Texas born oilpainter, and her main focus is on humans and animals. She creates amazing fantasy worlds in her paintings, and her knowledge on anatomy helps her to portray both of them with grace and strenght. Throughout her art career, she has won many awards and has been featured in various exhibitions. Her fantastic paintings appeared on numerous book covers, comic books, trading cards, and various collectibles. Click here to see more of her paintings and shop.


Julie Bell, “Neptune and Amphitrite”.



Mark Tennant was the Director of Fine Art Painting at Academy of Art University in San Francisco between the years of 2008 and 2009, where he was an instructor since 1998. He had various exhibitions during his art career, along with displays in Salon d’Automne, in Paris. His work seem as if they were candid photographs of daily life and strangers. You can see more of his work from his website and his Instagram account.


Oil painting artwork by Mark Tennant.



Maldha Mohamed is a self-taught artist from Maldives, who has been creating art since 15 years old. Her artistic skill peeks through the way she uses textures, colors and light. She sees her work as “as unfinished conversations and expressed emotions, something that always lingers…”. To see more of her paintings, click here.


Maldha Mohamed, “Hydra”, 2021, oil and impasto on wood panel.


Shane Keisuke Berkery is an Irish-Japanese contemporary artist based in Dublin, Ireland. His work is inspired by his background, and he usually makes people his subject matter. Click here to see more of him.


Oil painting by Shane Berkery.


Lo Chan Peng is a talented artist from Taiwan. In his hyper-realistic paintings, he touches upon various topics of nationality, politics and culture. His works had been exhibited a lot of times, in both solo and group exhibitions. You can see more of his current work from his website.


Lo Chan Peng, “A Syrian Boy ‘B'”, 2020, oil on canvas.



Sasha Hartslief is a Cape Town based, largely self-taught oil painter. Her art has a personal perspective, and is filled with emotions. Her silent observations about human condition touches people through her artworks. Hartlief’s work has been exhibited in variety of galleries and exhibitions. To see more of her work, click here.


Sasha Hartslief, “Waiting”, oil on canvas.


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