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In control of the chaos: A Sit-Down with Lolita Papava

A Sit-Down with Lolita Papava

“My art is dedicated to those living in an existential crisis though seeming to find colors in their reflection.”

Lolita Papava

Today we would like to introduce Lolita Papava, a promising contemporary artist and thinker from Tbilisi, Georgia, who goes by the name ‘Lolita’ as her artist pseudonym.

She is currently in her last year of studies at the Academy of Arts, Tbilisi. She celebrated her first exhibition at the Baratashvili Bridge, just one month ago, and plans further exhibitions in the upcoming year. Today, as Artleove, we sit-down with the artist and get to know her.

How did your art journey start, and where do you see it evolving to?

I have been painting for more than 10 years, I like to experiment and to mix different styles. I am attracted by chaos and unpredictability. I don’t see neither rules, nor borders when creating my art. I have no idea where my art will develop over a span of the next 10 years, it might be completely different from where I am now.

How do you describe your style in three words?

 Expressive, Complex and Intense. 

Lolita Papava

“In the moment when I create my paintings, I seem to become in control of the chaos in my life”.

Lolita Papava

In your works we see a repeat of a similar figure being used. Does this represent a specific meaning? 

I like geometric figures. The general shape is supposed to represent a person. I use metal valves to shape the eyes of my heroes. When I start the work, their eyes are closed, the valves have screws. After I finish I pull the screws and my heroes are starting to see rays of light.

The series “contemporary icons” are portraits of depressed people. I bring brightness and color into their lives.

Can you also briefly talk us through the religious symbolism in your earlier artworks? 

The heroes in my paintings are on a self exploring journey, sometimes they are lost and alone, therefore they need a certain protection, this is why I have chosen religious symbolism that is closest to me, with the crosses. It’s a matter of protecting them.

You mentioned to us that you perceive your art to be a form of self-expression. What do you wish to communicate through your art?

My art today is dedicated to people who are living through an existential crisis, who are going through a rough patch in their lives. My paintings are my way to add color to their lives.

Do you have a particular artist who has inspired your work, or whom you admire in general?

I have a couple of painters that I admire, though my inspiration comes primarily from my travels and the observation of different architectural styles.

Lolita Papava

What emotions did you feel whilst displaying your first exhibition? 

Certainly I was excited when doing my first exhibition in Tbilisi. It was a group exhibition, in an art space with various artists and acts. The focus wasn’t quite on paintings as such it was more kind a collaboration between music, performance and paintings. For my next exhibition I would love to have full focus on paintings. My dream exhibition is still ahead of me: I envision an art gallery with white walls only, whether it be group or solo. The greatest sign of an appreciation of my art would be to see all my works selling. Also, I will be exhibiting with Itsliquid group at 3 exhibitions in Venice, in Rome and London, 5 fairs in total. I would love to see your Art Lovers there!

Thank you. We will definitely visit you in London!

Tell us, did the pandemic shape your artwork and/or motivation? If so, how?

It was during the pandemic when I started to paint on big canvas, something I couldn’t do before, due to my travels.

We understand that you were born in Tbilisi, Georgia, do you find inspiration from your Georgian roots and do you reflect this in your artwork?

Most definitely, Tbilisi with its architecture and its heartwarming people is my greatest inspiration of all.

Well, thank you for this opportunity of getting to know you.

Thank you for introducing me to your art lovers!

You can closely follow Lolita's artwork here, and she is also working on a website where her artworks will be available for viewers which she plans to launch very soon.
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