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The Magical World of Marta Font’s Illustrations

Marta Font (@itsmartafont) is an emerging artist who remarks her followers with her unique drawing style. Her intimate lines welcome the eye like an old friend. With her color palette which mainly consists of different tones of pink, purple, red, and blue her illustrations bewitch the viewer.

When we asked about her inspirations for those magical illustrations, she said the inspiration generally hits her when she is busy with something else which frees her from the pressure of creating something great. That’s why she carries a sketchbook wherever she goes.

She has a brand new series called Zodiac, and she puts all the signs together with her own interpretations of them by imagining what kind of energy she feels for each. Marta told us that she is an autodidactic astrologist and this interest comes from her childhood years.

Her artistic story is rather an interesting one! Before she was an illustrator, Marta was a contemporary dancer. Since her injury during a performance she hasn’t been able to dance professionally; however, this injury led her to the world of illustrations.

Marta currently lives in Barcelona, and this city is one of her inspiration sources. As a young artist, she also cares about supporting local artists. When we asked about the artists she follows, she answered that she has prints made by Flavita Banana, Joan Alturo, Sara Mengual, and other local artists.

Her delicate style also gets inspired by her love of literature. Milan Kundera, Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, and García Márquez are some of her favorite authors. Recently, she has discovered the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, whose books are a lesson and a pleasure in one for her.

Most of Marta’s earning is coming from her Bigcartel page, where she sells worldwide prints from her favorite works. Her whole life is intertwined with her artistic career and she says that it’s not easy to be an independent artist in Spain!

To discover more about Marta Font, check her artist profile & gallery on!

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