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Using Art as a Mirror: An Interview With Jad Maq

Jad Maq is a talented multimedia artist who, in a way, made a deal with art. He says that the world of art came to save him from  the hardships of our world, and to return the favor he completely devoted himself to it. Jad succesfully portrays deep and raw emotions in his paintings, showcasing his talent in art with his honest real-life experiences, and connects that to self-healing. He now has a growing following on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Jad Maq and his artpiece.


His art journey started early, around the ages of 5 to 9. Though he was content with the way he is spending his time creating art, external expectations stopped his true potantial from peaking for around 10 years. His journey back to art wasn’t easy.

“That’s when I started losing touch of who I really am. For around 10 years I completely stopped doing anything productive and focused on having that ideal society life, good grades, good friends… Sacrificing who I really am to please everyone. Until one day just before my 20th birthday, I woke up from that dark empty place and I wanted to follow my instinct and take the first step to regain touch with myself. Unfortunately everyone was against it, using strong words and physical actions to stop me, because they saw it as a threat. So I did it, I left the house and became homeless on my 20th birthday in full belief of myself.

 I bought my first canvas ever with the money that my friend gave me to buy food. I painted and the universe gave me my first sign to continue, follow my instinct & regain my touch with myself. Because the next day the painting I did was sold.

And now I won’t ever stop. No one has the power to take my freedom away. Believing in what I do, what I paint, what I express… It’s filled with grief but in reality it was the beauty of the journey and how what I’m doing today saved my life. Now it’s helping others to connect & regain touch with themselves and that, I believe is my sole purpose.”  


“Void”, by Jad Maq.


His work is all about looking inwards and reflecting. His honest perspective and bravery to be vulnerable with art, makes the viewers feel seen.

“Most of inspirations come from looking deep into my soul & my subconscious, reconnecting with who I was when I was 5. Enjoying nature, the sun, watching cartoon shows that make me feel safe again… I take what I felt and try my best to put it on the canvas or film. Even if it was dark, the energy that’s in that piece truly makes the viewer feel what is happening.” 


Artwork by Jad Maq.


Jad says that what he is most looking forward to experience in art, is freedom. His pieces usually portray his “lessons, feelings and journey”, and his openness attracted an audience too. The viewer can interpret his paintings from their own life experiences and still feel seen, and this is exactly what he aims to do:

“There’s no right descriptions or words that can really give my paintings what they deserve. They’re emotions, journeys and lessons. When I’m making them I feel really overwhelmed, I lose it, It’s me facing myself on a canvas. It can be really triggering or really beautiful, either ways that’s the beauty of it, the journey. I want to make people feel aware of themselves. Sadness or happiness, it’s okay, that doesn’t define you. You’re way bigger than that and its all about your path to reach that awareness state.” 

You can see more of Jad’s art and make purchases from here.

Also, to listen to the Spotify playlist curated by Jad Maq for Artleovers, click here.

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