Five Palestinian Artists You Should Know About

The Free Palestine cause is all over the media nowadays due to the newest heart-breaking events. Palestine and its people has faced so many hardships and continues to face more everyday in their trial for their homeland. Yet, Palestine isn’t only pain, it is culture, art, and beauty too. Today we gathered four Palestinian visual artists that raise awareness for the cause, and also to celebrate Palestinian life.




Artwork by Malak Mattar.


Malak Mattar is a Palestinian artist in Gaza. Her work features Palestinian struggles, world causes and empowerment. This painting of hers is inspired by the poem of the Palestinian poet Mourid Barghouti. You can see more of her work from here.


Artwork by Hiba Walid Yassine.


Hiba Walid Yassine is a graphic designer. She uses her designs to raise awareness, to showcase the beauty of Palestine, and most importantly, to support free Palestine. Click here to see more of her artworks.




Artwork by Narmeen Hamadeh.


Narmeen Hamadeh is a Palestinian illustrator, and also interior designer. She makes art pieces as well as informative social media illustrative posts to amplify the voice of Palestine, and share correct information. Click here to see her Instagram page.





“The struggle goes on” by Sliman Mansour, oil on canvas, 2019.


Sliman Mansour is a very talented painter, and he has several awards for his artworks. He mostly paints his Arab culture, and the struggles of Palestinian people.  You can see more of his work from here.




Artwork by Abd Elrahim Farajallah.


Abd Elrahim Farajallah is heavily inspired by his Palestinian background. He features political stances in his artworks, as well as realistic and poetic portraits of women. Click here to see more from him.

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