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Inside the Artistic Career of Marco Melgrati

Marco Melgrati (@m_melgrati) is an illustrator born in 1984 in Milan. Since he was always a fan of drawing, he pursued an education revolving around arts. After learning digital tools, Marco discovered that working digital gives a lot of expressive freedom when It comes to drawing.

Astral Travel by Marco Melgrati

Marco’s art doesn’t have a fixated source of inspiration. Instead, his inspiration comes from a mix of everything surrounding him, including movies, books, photos, or certain real-life situations. The most impressive exhibitions he saw belongs to Prado, Bosh, Velázquez, and Goya.

In 2015, Marco moved to Mexico City, where he could manage to pay the rent and live with few works. After that, his pursuits focused on working freelance as an illustrator. Around that time, he signed a contract with an illustration agency -which he still works with- and it was another life-changing moment for him.

Marco’s works are generally heavily loaded with political sub-meanings. The first reason to that is that magazines and journals commission him with certain topics; however, since Marco loves to work on contemporary issues, we can see political influences even on his personal works.

When we asked about why he chose illustration and what is the importance of this career in his life, he answered: “Because it was the perfect deal for me to live doing what I love: drawing! I like illustration more than any art form and art system because I feel more professional and meritocratic. I don’t feel like a purist artist, rather a professional in the illustration field.”

Keep Cool by Marco Melgrati

Check out Marco Melgrati’s gallery & artist profile on Artleove.co! 

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