Top Five Most Expensive NFT Artworks

You probably heard about NFT artworks if you used the Internet in the past few months (if not, click here.). The craze is taking over the world, and unique digital assets are now being sold for extremely high numbers. The amount of money people pay in online auctions to own crypto art is surprising. Today, we listed the five most expensive NFT artworks ever sold.

5th Place: hairy, by Steve Aoki and Antoni Tudisco

DJ and music producer Steve Aoki and 3D illustrator Antoni Tudisco worked together on a digital art collection that consists of 11 pieces. Hairy, one of them, became a set record for the most expensive NFT artworks when it was sold for $888,888.88.

4th Place: Metarift, by Pak

This video animation started with an $888,888 bid, then ended up being sold for $904,413.47. Almost a million dollars paid for this animation showing the NFT art market growing at extreme speed.

3rd Place: Forever Rose, by Kevin Abosch

Forever Rose was introduced into the NFT market on Valentine’s Day in 2018. Although crypto art wasn’t a big deal back then as it is now, it was sold for $1 million.

2nd Place: Crossroads, by Beeple

Beeple first dropped his NFTs in October 2020, and this animation along with a secondary that portrayed another possibility of Trump winning the election, were tagged for $66,666.66. The resale number broke records after his defeat, by hitting $6.6 million.

1st Place: Everydays—The First 5000 Days, by Beeple

This collage consists of 5000 digital drawings that Beeple has worked on since 2007. The bids started from $100, but the piece ended up being sold for $69 million. It made Beeple the artist behind the most expensive NFT art, and now, coming right after Jeff Koons and David Hockney, he is the third most costly of all living artists.

Cover image features The EverLasting Beautiful by FEWOCiOUS, the tenth most expensive NFT artwork sold for $550,000.

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