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Details of the Mundane: Hadas Levi’s Art

Hadas Levi is (@hadas_levi_p) an Israeli painter who makes her living by selling her art and teaching painting classes in her studio. She currently lives in the north part of Israel and is also a mother to two boys which are the best company one can wish for as she stated. Since she graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, she works as a full-time painter.

Her art mainly consists of figurative oil paintings on canvas focusing on human beings. Everyday life is also an integral part of Hadas’ art. Over the years Hadas Levi presented dozens of solo and also group exhibitions as she won several awards both national and international.

Hadas Levi in her studio

“I am mostly inspired by humanity, in all its aspects and mental conditions. This is my primary source of creation. When I paint, I collect words, thoughts, feelings, and images, which I collage together into one work. In the Studio, I listen to music, as well as lectures from the Kabala and ones talking about the brain and the mind.
– Hadas Levi ”

She said that there are four main turning points correlated to her art journey when we asked about her artistic career. “When I started high school at the age of 16 and joined the art class – it captured my eyes, my heart, and my soul. I came from a Jewish religious family which art was not part of it in any mean (although my father had an affinity to art). The second point which changed my relation to art is my love story with my husband, Moran. He was my first crowd and I always tell him that he should sign on paintings too… The third one is the birth of my children, Ido and Itamar. Being a mother is an important part of my life, my children are the “heroes” in some of my paintings. The last turning point (for now) is the death of my father.”

Where are my Jimmy Chou, 2018, oil on canvas, 160X300

Hadas lives in a small town called Kiryat-Tivon, close to Haifa. Her studio is also nearby in Alone Aba where is a peaceful village. There she finds a quiet environment which is exactly what she needs for her creative process.

She recently participates in a project called “the Cube Salon.” It is a group exhibition of 180 Israeli painters, located in one of Jerusalem’s art centers. This project is a homage to the 19th-century art salons and the exhibition is structured in the same way. The subject of this year’s exhibition was “portraits.”

To see Hadas’ exceptional works and to learn more about the artist check out her artist profile and gallery on artleove.co!

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